October 9, 2023

Welcome New Edgelands Fellows!


Danilo Deninotti, Delphine Dogot, Dorcas Nyamwaya, Fabien Lechevalier, Giorgio Fontana, Jane Adams, Monica Sanchez, Pedro Diogo Carvalho Monteiro, Phionah Uhuru, Rituraj Pegu, Ronald Pizzoferrato

The Edgelands Institute welcomes the 2023 fellows! This time we have selected professionals from around the world and various backgrounds: academics, writers, artists, urbanists, policy experts and activists. They come from Kenya, Brazil, Italy, France, India, Spain, USA and Venezuela. Throughout the fall semester fellows will become members of a cohort of international academics and professionals dedicated to research investigating the intersection of security, cities and digital technology. Fellows will meet every week to share progress on their research and give each other feedback, write blog posts and research papers. International and local experts from fields of interests may be invited to these conversations.

Stay tuned for more!